Grounding Your Family Decisions in the Word of God

As someone who works full-time in the housing industry and studied architecture in school, I understand the importance of a building’s foundation. If a building is not properly anchored and supported at the bottom, it will not stand – or at least it won’t stand for long.

Usually, the taller the building, the deeper the foundation. But in all cases, it is important that the ground on which the foundation is laid, or dug, be solid.

In residential construction, there’s often soil testing to prove that the soil has the ability to withstand the weight of the building you want to build on top of it. Skyscraper construction looks to anchor the building in the bedrock, which is why there is often deep digging before a building goes vertical.

These examples all, to me, are illustrations of what Jesus is saying in Matthew 7:24-27. When thinking about building our marriages and families, it is imperative that we build them on the Word of God, the very words of Jesus as recorded in the Bible. When we do so, we’re building our marriages and families on solid rock. Why is this so important?

Because the winds will blow, storms will come, floods will rise – life will happen. If we haven’t built our marriages and families on God’s Word, then they are bound to fail. It’s like building on sand. Sand is shifty. It can be more easily picked up and blown away. Water can wash it away right from underneath a building.

Check your soil. Make sure it can bear the weight of what you’re trying to build. What do I mean by that? Pray! Get into the Word both individually and together with your spouse.

Truly seek to understand what God is saying generally about marriage and family, and His specific instructions to you.

Then ask Him for the strength to obey, especially in making the decision to pursue Homemaking rather than a lucrative career or being full-time at home even if still working another job. These are hard choices that can really test and try a marriage. It could damage the foundation if done grudgingly, forcefully, or selfishly without seeking God. 

And, once we start building, and even completed the building, we should keep checking the foundation so that it doesn’t get cracked. That is, once the transition to home is complete, we as husband and wife should consistently check our hearts.

Keep checking in with and on each other, praying with each other, and continue to listen and obey. It’s the disobedience that causes cracks in the foundation. So, stay in the Word, and do what He says. Then we don’t have to worry about enduring a great fall.

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About Me

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