2019 Infiniti QX60 Family Road Trip and Review

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We were fortunate enough to have an opportunity to drive the 2019 QX60 this week. I’ve had my eye on a few 3-row SUVs. Ashon thought it would be great to try out this particular SUV for a family trip. This was our first time driving a luxury vehicle and it did not disappoint. 

So we took this vehicle on the road. We drove from South Hillsborough County to Columbia County which is approximately an 3 hour drive. Headed north on I-75, we logged 188 miles to Lake City, FL.

Passing through
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First Impressions of the 2019 QX60

As my husband pulled up right beside me at the Airport in the QX60, I immediately looked at it in a not so sure look. At first sight, I thought it was a Hyundai Santa Fe. As he pulled off ahead of me, I was quite surprised with the look. Very sleek!
Once we returned home, I was able to take a good look at the exterior of the vehicle, the interior and drive it. I was really impressed. We were able to load the back up with all the things we needed for the day.

2019 QX60 Back Interior
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2019 Infiniti QX60 Features for the Family

This 3-row SUV has a lot of family friendly features that will have you and your kids enjoying a nice road trip. I'm sure that you will also enjoy riding around town in this vehicle as well.

It has heated leather seats, which the kids loved. Me on the other hand, not so much. Don't get me wrong, I loved the leather but it's way too hot in Florida to heat the seats. The adaptive cruise control was great - which to me was the best feature along with the sunroof. Each row was adjustable. And a total of 10 cup holders throughout. It also has Bluetooth and two USB ports. The most safety feature that I loved the most was the ability to use navigation without having to use my phone.

Overall, this vehicle made me feel safe. It felt heavy and grounded.

Car Collage.png

Mom's Most Favorite Feature: Comfortable seating, leg space and changing lanes assist.

Dad's Most Favorite Feature: Bluetooth and backup camera, lane keep assist.

Kid's Most Favorite Feature: Charger outlets, heated seats and Bluetooth to connect music to the car.

My final Thoughts

Overall we enjoyed our time driving the Infiniti QX60. As a whole, it provided us with a load of features we all liked. I can go as far to say it had a minivan feel to it. Our drive back home and sleeping in the car was equally comforting. 

Would I suggest buying this SUV?

Yes and no.
Yes, because it's definitely something I could consider for a family of 5 but no if you have a family any larger than that. It will no longer be a comfortable vehicle for a larger family of 6+. It is the definition of a mid-sized SUV. This vehicle seats 7 passengers but doesn't have enough room for luggage for 7 people if your traveling. Also, it's okay on gas in my book. In the city you will get 19-20 MPG and 26-27 MPG on the highway.  Overall, it is a good SUV to purchase if you have a smaller family and if you like SUVs over minivans like me.

So if I had to choose between a minivan and this SUV, I would go with this vehicle. Hands down!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this review.

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