Creating The Perfect Kids Play & Homeschool Room

March 12, 2023

When we were searching for a new home, I had a list of must haves and a space for my kids was definitely at the top of that list. When we finally closed, I made the kids play & homeschool room my very first project. I knew that I wanted to create a multipurpose space where the kids could relax, watch TV, play and learn all within the same room. This room would be dedicated to them and their guests / friends.

First, I wanted to pick the drapes. I knew that by doing so, I could pretty much plan my entire look from that one focal point. Making sure I started with a focal point that allowed me to use color was literally the best decision I made when creating the look for this space.

Next, was picking out an area rug. I wanted something that would be dark and comfortable for the kids to sit on when doing work, reading or just every day play. I measured the room floor, originally thinking that I wanted to purchase a 9×12 area rug. I searched high and low but started to feel that the 9×12 was too small for the space. I went back to resize the room again and the 10×13 was actually perfect. So I went with it! At the time, this area rug was on sale for $276.58. For a rug that size, I thought that was a great deal so I went with it.

From there, I started searching for the wall décor. I wanted something with pops of color. The best place to find something unique is Etsy. Etsy is my #1 go-to when it comes to wall décor. I feel as though I can find just about anything that I am looking for, at a fraction of the cost for similar things from other places. I searched for days for the perfect prints and came across an Etsy Shop by the name of PrintableLoveCoThe more I scrolled her shop, I became more and more in love with each and every print. I wanted them all but I could only choose a few. And I believe that I found the perfect prints for the kids space.

From there, I started looking for a furniture. I realized that we already had a sectional here that we brought with us sitting in the garage. I was trying to toss out, but they loved the sectional. It was from Ashley’s Furniture and was purchased in 2016. The sectional was still in great condition so we pulled it into the room, washed the seat cushions, gave it some love and BOOM! It literally was so perfect.

We also used an existing TV stand as a table for them to do work on or read at.

At this point, everything was coming together. All we needed to do was add a few finishing touches to the space and we would be good to go.

You can watch the entire project come together below:

Here is the final look:

My encouragement to you, if you homeschool, please create a space for your kids to have fun, mess up, play and to learn in. Even if the space is a small corner of a single room, it is so important that they have a space to just be free in. That is where their imagination can run wild. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect or aesthetically pleasing either. Because if it’s done from the heart, your children will love it.

Additional links to items shown in this blog and video.

Area Rug:
Computer Desks:
Curtain Rod:
Curtain Panels:
Toddler Shark Chair:
3 Sprouts 13×13 Cube Bins: Fox & Owl –
Rhino –
Peacock –
Yellow Stripe 13×13 Bins:

Wall Prints –

8 Cube Organizer Shelf
Backrest Pillows
Yellow & White Stripe Lamps
Couch Pillows

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